February 16th, 2021 by GSC Customer Care

12 Facebook Tips

If you’ve been using Facebook for awhile, you’re probably familiar with the basics of what it can do. But there are other, less-known Facebook features that are well worth exploring. Here we describe a few of them, along with instructions for their use.

1. Find a New Job
Did you know Facebook has a job board? You can find it at facebook.com/jobs. Filter listings by distance from your home, job category (education, manufacturing, health care, etc.), and job type (full time, part time, contract, etc.). When you find one you like, select Apply and follow the instructions to be considered for the position.

2. Perform a Privacy Checkup
If you’re concerned about privacy online —and everyone should be—the Facebook Privacy Checkup feature can help. It allows you to review settings for apps you log into with Facebook as well as who can view your contact information and posts.

3. Create a Fundraiser
Whether you need money for a medical procedure or to give to a cause you believe in, you can start a fundraiser to enable friends to donate. Some people use this feature on their birthdays to ask for contributions instead of gifts. To get started, select Fundraisers on the left of your home page.

4. Add Trusted Contacts
Trusted contacts can help you regain access to your Facebook account if you become locked out (if, for example, you forget your password). But you must identify them in advance. To get started, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and Login and, under Setting Up Extra Security, choose friends to contact if you get locked out.

5. Monitor Your Facebook Time
Facebook is great for connecting with others, but too much of a good thing can negatively impact your productivity level, not to mention your physical and mental health. If you have trouble limiting your use, you can monitor your Facebook time, but only on the mobile app. To do so, tap the hamburger (three stacked horizontal lines) icon at the top of the screen, then tap Settings & Privacy > Your Time on Facebook.

6. Save Links or Posts to Read Later
If you find a post or link you’re interested in but don’t have time to read right then, you can save it for later. In the top-right corner of the post, tap the three-dot icon, then select Save post. Later, when you have more time, you can find the item again by selecting Saved from the left rail of your home page.

7. Add Extra Security
Even if you have a strong Facebook password that follows the latest recommendations, it may not be enough to deter hackers. To add extra security for all that personal information you share on the site, you can tell Facebook to confirm it’s really you every time you log in. To do it, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and Login and activate two-factor authentication.

8. Hide Your Friend List
There’s a lot your Facebook friends can find out about you, including the names of your other friends. If you’d rather keep that information private, you can easily do so. First, go to your profile page. Below your cover photo, select Friends, then select the three-dot icon to the right and choose Edit Privacy. Select Friends list and choose your privacy setting.

9. Choose Who Sees Your Posts
Let’s face it, not everything you share on Facebook is appropriate for all your Facebook friends. For example, you might want to share very personal posts only with close friends. There are two primary ways to control who sees what. One way is to set the audience at the same time you post a status update. If you’ve already shared a post, you can change the audience by selecting the three-dot icon and then choosing Edit audience.

10. Limit Who Can See Old Posts
The previous item applies only to posts you publish now. But you can also control who sees posts you’ve published in the past. To adjust this setting, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Privacy. In the Your Activity section, select Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared… Follow the instructions to limit who can see all past posts.

11. View Nearby Friends
If you’re out and about and want to meet up with some friends, you can use Facebook to find them. When you use the mobile app version of Facebook, the Nearby Friends function enables you to see what city or neighborhood your friends are in. To access it, tap the hamburger (three stacked horizontal lines) icon at the top of the screen. Tap Nearby Friends. Tap the switch next to your name to activate this feature.

12. Choose a Legacy Contact
Thinking about what happens after you die isn’t pleasant. But, if you choose a legacy contact on Facebook, you enable that person to take control of your account in the event of your death. They can send messages on your behalf, turn your page into a memorial, or delete the account all together. To assign a legacy contact, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > General >
Memorialization Settings.