Scammers use every opportunity to trick you out of your money or personal information and that includes situations in which you might feel uncertain or afraid. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is a perfect example. Some of these criminals are impersonating staff from the World Health Organization (WHO) or the Centers for Disease Control

via Highlights: There are age-appropriate ways to teach your children about Internet safety Parents can keep the dialogue going as their children get older Kids need to feel their parents are a safe place to turn to if they feel attacked or uncomfortable online The Internet can be a source of education and fun

To our customers, neighbors, and communities: Like everyone, Granite State Communications (GSC) has been paying close attention to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) over the past few weeks. We take the commitment of ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers, and our community very seriously. We also understand that as more people

Question: Facebook is fun but sometimes I want a place where I can communicate with just my close friends. Is a Facebook group a good way to do this? If so, how do I start one? Answer: Yes, a Facebook group is a great way to use many of the same features you like about Facebook with

Via If you are guilty of having apps cluttered all over your screen then you are not alone. Smartphones loaded with too many apps can slow down your phone, allow third-party apps to access your data, shorten battery life or worse, crash your phone. Every once in a while every phone needs a cleanup.

Clever Garage Storage Use old paint cans, golf bags, file cabinets, food jars, and more to make more room for your car. Learn more… Smart Food Choices March is National Nutrition Month. Celebrate by learning how to eat right to better your health. Learn more… Backup Basics It’s never too late to start a good

Via A new report reveals startling details about how you are being tracked everywhere you go. You probably knew that your smartphone is tracking you. At least, you had some idea that companies keep track of how you use their apps, and what you do online. That’s not news. What you might not have known

If you have Norton AntiVirus software installed on your computer and see a pop-up ad that says it’s expired, you’re likely to want to click and renew to continue safeguarding your computer. But think for a minute before you do. Such pop-up ads can be faked, even if they look like the real thing. Scammers

Question: The great “Reply” versus “Reply All” debate has been going on since email started. The reason it’s an issue is that people in group messages get annoyed when they receive unnecessary replies in their inbox. Consider the following scenario: Your boss sends a message to her entire team asking for updates on a particular project.

Why it’s popular and how you can use it successfully and safely In addition to its original use as a social networking site, Facebook also provides a way for you to find and communicate with political representatives, play games, and schedule events. It’s even developing its own currency! So, it’s no surprise that the social