Happy Thanksgiving from GSC! We will be closed on Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27 so our employees can enjoy the holiday with their families. If you need assistance, you can reach our Service Center at 603-529-9931. For 24/7 Internet support, please contact our technical support line at 1-888-896-7824. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

HouseParty App

Download this app to up your fun! Looking for some stress relief? Here’s something fun you can do right from home. The Houseparty app offers video chat along with party games including Chips and Guac. Click below for details and tutorials.                  


No swimming pool? No problem. The current social restrictions have made us use our creativity to re-imagine activities or invent new ones to keep everyone entertained and safe. Water Limbo – Use streaming water from the hose instead of a stick to see how low you can go. Water Balloon Piñatas – Attach ribbon or


These days, it can reveal more personal information than you think. If you’re like most people, you’ve become more careful about how you use the internet. You know the risks of sharing personal information online, you’re getting smarter about how you use social media, and you watch for potentially harmful email scams. But there’s one


You’ll soon have an extra day to enjoy, thanks to the fact there aren’t 365 days in a year, but rather 365.242190. To compensate for this extra time, the bonus day of February 29 is added to the calendar every four years. Let’s leap right into some leap year trivia: A person born on February

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Our Granite State Communications Pioneer Club recently donated over $6,000 to local community organizations in our serving area. Some of these included the food pantries and public libraries in the towns of Chester, Hillsborough, Sandown, Washington, and Weare. We also donated to the Weare Senior Center, Hillsboro House nursing home, Weare Angel Tree, and the

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