Brush Scam

Remember when mysterious seeds from China began arriving on doorsteps this summer? Authorities call this a brushing scam, defined as when people are sent products they didn’t order so the company can post fake customer reviews to boost sales. The boxes typically have no return address and contain lightweight, cheap-to-ship items. Companies that use brushing scams are

Youtube shortcuts

Do you love keyboard shortcuts? You can use them to quickly control a YouTube video you’re watching. Press K to pause, J to go backward 10 seconds, and L to go forward 10 seconds. To mute a video, press M.

FAQ Unsubscribe from App

Question: I just realized I’m being charged a monthly subscription fee for one of the apps on my iPhone. How do I unsubscribe? Answer: Before we share the steps provided by Apple about unsubscribing, it’s helpful to review a couple of things. Most subscriptions automatically renew unless you cancel them. If you cancel, you can


Did you know there’s a phenomenon called sun outage? It occurs yearly in the spring and fall when solar radiation overwhelms the TV satellite signals used by cable TV companies. Customers with cable TV service may have TV channels go dark, pixelate, or freeze for a few minutes daily between Oct. 5 and Oct. 10.

Get up to $100* credited to your bill when you refer-a-friend to GSC Internet!. — Earn yourself a $100 credit for each friend who signs up with a 12-month agreement — Earn yourself a $50 credit for each friend who signs up with a month-to-month agreement There is no limit to this program. The more


It can sometimes be tricky to spot work-from-home scams since they often appear alongside legitimate opportunities on popular job-search websites. But it’s important to educate yourself to avoid losing money instead of gaining a job. The median loss for work-from-home scam victims is about $1,200, according to the Better Business Bureau’s BBB Scam Tracker. Federal


Question: I’m concerned about accidentally shopping from a fraudulent website. How can I spot the fakes? Answer: Watch out for these common red flags: A URL starting with http:// The first thing you want to look for on a website is the https:// at the beginning of the address. The “s” in https:// stands for

Vector trendy illustration video call concept. Human hand holding a smartphone with man on the screen. Touch screen with a finger. The concept of collaboration, chat, video call, digital communication.

Whether you’re working, holding your monthly book club meeting, or socializing with friends, if you can’t do it in person, you’ll need a good online alternative. Zoom is perfect for large groups, but there are other applications that serve a variety of needs. Google Handouts is another option that’s good for groups, especially work meetings. FaceTime is


When you’re excited about watching a movie or TV program via streaming, the last thing you want to see is the annoying rotating arrow or spinning circle that indicates buffering is taking place. Here’s why it happens and what you can do about it. Buffering refers to downloading a certain amount of data before starting

Internet Connectivity

What hasn’t changed at Granite State Communications is our long-term commitment to keeping you connected. Years ago, we invested heavily in our fiber networks to provide reliable and virtually unlimited broadband to a large portion of our service area. Today, we are working diligently to expand those networks to meet the challenge of unprecedented home