You probably try this technique first when a device isn’t operating right. It works because many devices have internal computers that run firmware, and sometimes it has bugs that lead to error states, memory leaks, or crashes. Unplugging, waiting 30 seconds, and then plugging them back in forces the computers to restart, which clears out

tech neck

Minimize the strain on your muscles while using mobile devices Americans spend an average screen time of 5.4 hours on their mobile phones daily. When you consider the additional time on laptops and tablets, that’s a lot of hours looking at a screen. Some people experience neck pain as a result, which has been termed

Game Over

Ping is the reaction time required for information to go to the server and back. You can also think of ping as the number of milliseconds (ms) it takes for your computer or game console to respond to a request by another computer. Ping requirements vary from game to game, and serious gamers will want

app location

Apps ask to collect your location data for a variety of reasons. They may use it to give you maps, coupons for nearby stores, or information about who you might know nearby. Or they may provide location data to ad networks, which combine it with other information in their databases to target ads based on your interests

outdoor apps

Outdoor apps can make the great outdoors even greater by helping you explore more of nature and do it more safely. Here are a few to try: Cairn – Offers safety tracking and alerts, cell coverage, and navigation. Leafsnap – Snap a photo of a leaf and learn details about the plant it came from.


What’s not to love about cartoon versions of yourself? Your social media posts aren’t limited to photos, videos, and text. If you’re looking to add more whimsy to your content, think about creating an avatar … or two … or a dozen! The process will bring out your inner artist and make you feel like

World Telcom Day

Each year on May 17th, our industry celebrates the evolution of communication — from telegraphs and telephones to video chats and social media. We’re honored to play such a crucial role in people’s lives around the world, and we look forward to the development of new technologies in the years ahead.

smaller social media

Where to connect with fellow foodies, bookworms, travelers, and more. Does the term “social media” make you uneasy? Maybe you’ve had enough of aggressive algorithms, humble brags, and fear of missing out (FOMO). If that’s the case, but you still want to be part of an online community, consider one of the many niche social

Facebook Ads

Are you sometimes puzzled by the ads in your Facebook News Feed and wonder why you’re seeing them? To see why Facebook is showing you a particular ad: Click •••in the top right corner of the ad. Click “Why am I seeing this ad?” and you’ll see different reasons. For example, “You visited the advertiser’s website.” If available, click > next to

wifi router location

To get the best performance from your Wi-Fi network, it’s important to place your router in the optimal location in your home. The wrong location can sometimes cause the internet connection to fail or drop intermittently. Here are the guidelines: INSTALL YOUR ROUTER IN A CENTRAL LOCATION. In a multi-story home, this means a central