world backup day

Don’t be an April Fool (like the 30 percent of people who have never backed up their files). Back up all your family photos, home videos, and important documents on World Backup Day, March 31st, and regularly throughout the year. Losing personal files can be a devastating experience.

Stolen Identity

To spot identity theft, do the following: 1) Get your free credit report at and review it for accounts you didn’t open or inquiries you don’t recognize. 2) Regularly check your credit card and bank statements for purchases or withdrawals you didn’t make. 3) Review your medical bills and Explanation of Benefits statements for

Google Yourself

People are Googling you, so it’s important to know what they see What information will a potential employer, new friend or coworker, or first date find when they Google you? Are the search results showing you in a positive light? Is the content true and relevant? Google could be displaying personal data about you that’s

bad bots

A bot – short for robot – is a software program that performs automated, repetitive, pre-defined tasks. Bots typically imitate or replace human user behavior. While some bots, such as search engine crawlers, are good, bad bots are built to carry out malicious attacks at scale. When left unchecked, these bad bots can steal data,


We’re preparing for possible weather-related outages ahead of this weekend’s developing winter storm. Restoration crews are ready and standing by to respond quickly if an outage does occur.  We will provide updates on widespread outages on our website and social media accounts. To learn more about how GSC crews prepare for a major winter storm

Our Winter ‘22 Website Compass magazine will come in handy, whether or not you consider yourself to be handy. Its feature article is all about fixing things — from furniture to camping gear — using online resources. Flip through it now for tips on finding instructional videos, tool guides, a repair café, and more. This

Gift Card Scam

Genuine businesses and government agencies will never ask for payment via gift card. Any such request is a sure sign of fraud. The same is true if you get an urgent call that’s supposedly from a grandchild, or if someone you’ve grown close to online suddenly asks for a loan. A request for money via


Nothing lasts forever, including your laptop. The number of years you can successfully keep using yours will depend on what you do with your laptop, how well you take care of it, and how it’s performing. If you only use your laptop for basic tasks, then you’ll probably be able to get more years of

upload speeds

Similar to how your download speed affects picture and sound quality when streaming a show on your TV, your upload speed affects how others see and hear you on the other end of a video call. A too-slow upload speed can cause delays, awkward frozen screens, and broken audio. If this is an issue for

Banning Phones During Holidays

When family members bring phones to the table, it can diminish everyone’s ability to fully experience the joy of holiday dinners. If you decide you don’t want phones used, let everyone know ahead of time so they can prepare. Perhaps you can make a game of it — anyone caught checking their phone during dinner