Happy Holidays from Granite State Communications! We hope you enjoy lots of merriment with family and friends, whether in the real world or the virtual one. We also thank you for your support during this challenging year and the opportunity to help keep you connected.   Please Note: Our offices will be closed on

Facebook Camera

Do you typically use your phone’s camera app but want to try the added features of the Facebook camera? Snapping photos this way is a snap with these step-by-step instructions.  


Happy Thanksgiving from GSC! We will be closed on Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27 so our employees can enjoy the holiday with their families. If you need assistance, you can reach our Service Center at 603-529-9931. For 24/7 Internet support, please contact our technical support line at 1-888-896-7824. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Smart Speaker

Planning to add a smart speaker to your home? You’ll be happy to know the setup process is pretty straightforward. While the steps will differ somewhat depending on the model of smart speaker, they’ll be something like these:   Make sure you have electrical power and Wi-Fi available. Plug in the device. On your phone,

Best location for your router

  Did you know location matters when it comes to your router? You’ll get the best Wi-Fi performance if you place your router in an open space near the center of your home. Here are more tips:   Avoid physical obstructions. Plaster or brick walls tend to have the most negative impact, but any obstruction

Veterans Day

Thank you to all the men and women who have served, or are currently serving, in our military. The United States is the land of the free because of the brave. Please note that our Customer Care office is closed today, and will reopen tomorrow at 8am. If you need assistance, you can reach our

HouseParty App

Download this app to up your fun! Looking for some stress relief? Here’s something fun you can do right from home. The Houseparty app offers video chat along with party games including Chips and Guac. Click below for details and tutorials.                  

Old Electronics

Before you get rid of your old electronics, make sure to completely erase all personal information. Then find a place to take them for recycling at Old electronics should not be thrown out with the trash since they often contain toxic substances.

Brush Scam

Remember when mysterious seeds from China began arriving on doorsteps this summer? Authorities call this a brushing scam, defined as when people are sent products they didn’t order so the company can post fake customer reviews to boost sales. The boxes typically have no return address and contain lightweight, cheap-to-ship items. Companies that use brushing scams are

Youtube shortcuts

Do you love keyboard shortcuts? You can use them to quickly control a YouTube video you’re watching. Press K to pause, J to go backward 10 seconds, and L to go forward 10 seconds. To mute a video, press M.