January 29th, 2015 by Customer Care

FiberNet provides many benefits…
  • Fiber is faster – It provides the fastest Internet connection speeds with virtually unlimited bandwidth capability. It accommodates today’s increasing demand for faster Internet connections as well as the advanced applications of tomorrow.
  • Fiber offers the greatest reliability and quality – Fiber is the best at handling shock and vibration in bad weather. Plus, no dropped connections or losing speed at peak hours like the cable company. No dropped calls or static to disrupt phone conversations.
  • Fiber offers future flexibility – With fiber, our ability to keep expanding your bandwidth capabilities into the future is almost unlimited. While other providers struggle to squeeze higher speeds out of their technologies, FiberNet can easily grow to meet your needs, and we’ll have flexibility to deliver additional services such as video, TV and more in the years to come.

Plus, unlike the cable company, we give you speeds you can count on every time you connect!

  • NO slow-downs at peak hours.
  • NO shared connection with neighbors surfing the Web.
  • NO shared connection with neighbors watching high-definitions TVs.
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