March 13th, 2017 by Customer Care

Installing SecureIT on your computer or mobile device is easy. We’ll send you an email with an activation code and step-by-step instructions for how to install your product software on you device(s).

If you are intalling SecureIT Plus for your desktop, we also offer the option of our Fresh Start Professional Installation. With Fresh Start, one of our technical support representatives will remotely perform the installation for you to give you guaranteed protection for your PC. This includes a comprehensive cleanup of your computer, which will return your machine to its maximum speed and performance. If your computer has a virus or other malicious software already on it, the technician will automatically remove the security threat. This is only $34.95, but is valued at over $100 if you were to take your computer to a repair shop, and it guarantees your PC will remain free of Internet derived issues — or we’ll pay to have it fixed.*

*In order to qualify for the guarantee, a user must have incurred the threat on the machine while our SecureIT service was installed. We perform a complete PC cleanup during the professional installation process. Only PCs using the professional installation qualify for the guarantee. GSC reserves the right to deny the guarantee claim if the threat is deemed to be pre-existing or self-inflicted. Maximum remedy is $100 to be paid towards the repair of the end user’s PC. GSC, at its sole discretion, will determine when it is appropriate to engage an outside computer repair entity.

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