May 25th, 2016 by GSC Customer Care

A speed test is used to gauge how much upload and download speed your system is receiving. However, it’s helpful to remember that a speed test is a snapshot of the speed you’re getting at that moment in time. It is showing your “available” speed. So if it’s slower than you’re expecting, it may not necessarily indicate a problem with your connection. It may have to do with how much you have running on your network at that time. If several devices in your home are using the Internet at the time you run your test, the speed test will show a smaller number. Additionally, the location of the server running the speed test does matter. There is a multitude of speed testing websites to be found on the Internet, and if you are using one via servers that are either too far away or are processing too many requests at once, you may see lower numbers than expected. If you subscribe to GSC Internet, we recommend that you use our speed test site to test your connection as opposed to another third-party speed test site. Our speed test is located on our server, so it’s going to give you the most accurate results. You can access our speed test here:

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