September 8th, 2014 by Customer Care

Parental controls are not included with our basic high speed Internet packages, however, we do offer them (including content filtering, access and time management controls, and monitoring/reporting capabilities) through our SecureIT Plus service – an all-in-one suite of Internet security software.

If you already subscribe to our SecureIT Plus service, you can set up detailed parental control settings for each of your children:

Using the Initial Setup Wizard – When you first install SecureIT Plus, our setup wizard guides you through the steps required to define initial information for each computer user in your family, and to select basic categories listing the types of sites that can be accessed by the user.

Managing Basic User Information – After an initial list of computer users is established with the Setup Wizard, you can add new users at any time, set or change the passwords for users, and delete users as appropriate. Detailed parental control settings may also be defined for each user as described below.

Defining Detailed User Settings– you can define detailed settings for any user including general parental control features, filter settings to block Internet content and activities, time management controls, and both a white list of allowed web sites and a blocked list of prohibited sites.

If you need assistance with any of these settings, technical support for our SecureIT Plus service is available 24/7 at 877-373-3320.

For information how to sign up SecureIT Plus, please call our Customer Care team today at 603-529-9911.

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