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Your GSC bill has five sections.

  1. Payment Summary
  2. Account Summary
  3. Notes
  4. Summary of Services
  5. Long Distance Usage (if you have Granite State Communications long distance service)

Payment Summary:

  • Telephone Number: thebilling telephone number.
  • Billing Period: the time period covered by this bill.
  • Account Number: the number that identifies you and your billing telephone number.
  • Payment Due Upon Receipt: your bill reflects services received during the prior billing period. Therefore, payment is due upon receipt of your bill. Note to Direct Payment Program enrollees: you will see the date that the total amount due will be deducted from your account notated below the ‘Payment Enclosed’ line.

Account Summary:

  • Previous Balance: balance of your last bill.
  • Payment Received: payments we have received since your last bill.
  • New balance: the previous balance, minus any payments.
  • New charges: charges for this billing period
  • Telephone Service Charges: charges for local phone service and calling features.
  • Equipment/Services Charges: If you purchase or rent any phone/Internet equipment such as modems/routers, charges will appear here.
  • Internet Service Charges: customers who subscribe to GSC Internet service will see charges here.
  • Long Distance Service Charges: customers who subscribe to GSC Long Distance service will see charges here.
  • Federal & State Tax: Granite State Communications is required to collect taxes for federal, state, and local governments. We pass the collected taxes directly to the governmental body which has levied the tax.
  • Current Balance: total of new charges.
  • Total Balance Due: balance due including any previous balance.


  • Be sure to read the information in this shaded area (as well as your bill inserts) for updates on new features and services, and important announcements.

Summary of Services:

  • This area summarizes what calling features and services you have on your line and the cost for each.

Long Distance Usage:

  • If you have Granite State Communications long distance service, you will see the call details here.
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