September 5th, 2014 by Customer Care

Protecting your PC has become a full-time job — a new Internet threat is released every hour. With SecureIT you will have the protection, tools and support to keep your PC clean and operating at full speed — automatically.

Managed Virus Protection
SecureIT incorporates anti-virus protection from ClamAV; it will check for updates on an hourly basis to make sure the computer is as protected as possible.

Spyware Detection, Removal, and Pop-up Blocker
Spyware is a general term for a program that secretly monitors your actions. SecureIT uses a three phase approach to protect your computer from spyware. Technology is in place to stop spyware from infiltrating your computer, to detect in real-time any malicious activity. In addition, SecureIT has a fully customizable Internet Explorer pop-up blocker to minimize those annoying pop-up ads and displays, saving both time and bandwidth.

Parental Controls —
This enhancement is included with our SecureIT Plus package. It brings you the added protection of content filtering, access and time management controls, and monitoring/reporting capabilities. To learn more, click here.

System and Disk Maintenance
System and disk maintenance is often one of the most overlooked tasks and is a leading cause of poor PC performance and instability issues. Our SecureIT Plus package uses Diskeeper Professional to provide ongoing maintenance by optimizing file storage and disk defragmentation for faster PC performance.

Microsoft Patch Management
One particularly important element to maintaining a secure and reliable computer is staying up-to-date on critical software patches. SecureIT  patch management provides a daily assessment of missing critical patches for Microsoft Operating Systems, and automatically applies them after rigorous testing to ensure continued protection.

Firewall Protection
SecureIT firewall protection offers the ability to allow or deny traffic through specific programs.

Monthly Email Summary & Online Reporting
Our unique online reporting application allows you to view vital computer protection statistics throughout the life of your subscription. These detailed reports show you the number of viruses from which your computer has been protected, the number of updates that have been applied, and more. For small business environments and homes with multiple computers, these reports will also show you a roll-up of all your computers so you can see in a single view the protection that you have been provided.

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