September 5th, 2014 by Customer Care

With our SecureIT Plus desktop you have access to our robust Parental Controls. To set them up, click on Set Up under Parental Controls on the main menu. Once you have gotten to the Parental Controls screen, you will need to setup the Administrator account. To do this, click Change Password; then under New Password, enter your desired password. Once you have setup the Administrator account, you can begin creating additional users. To add a new user, click “Add User.” The “Add User” pop-up will appear; there you will enter in the new user’s name and password.

After the User has been created, you can click on Settings to change the filter categories, enable application blocks, set time controls and manually block certain sites. You can create multiple users and set them each up with their own specific settings. Each child user simply has to login under their profile within SecureIT and all parental controls settings will be applied to that user.

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