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When you sign up for GSC high speed Internet service, a trained technician will set up your router to access the Internet, but if at any time you want to review the user instructions for your router, we have the following printable guides available. If you have any questions, contact Tech Support. Please scroll down to see our instructions for rebooting your router.


Router Setup Instructions:

Instructions for Rebooting Your GSC Internet Router:
Occasionally your modem or router may lose its ability to communicate with our high speed Internet network. In the event this happens, please follow this procedure which resets all the equipment you connected to your Internet service. In most cases this will eliminate your equipment as a source of trouble. Since this procedure is useful when your Internet service is not working, we recommend that you print or save these instructions in the event you need them.

  1. Turn off your modem/router and all computers and third party hardware (ie. hub, switch, router, etc.) connected to your Internet service and wait thirty seconds.
  2. Turn on the modem/router, wait for a positive indication it is communicating with our network. This will be a green ATM/DSL/Internet light.
  3. If you have any third party hardware turn it on. Wait until a positive indication is received, this will vary depending on your equipment.
  4. Turn on one computer and allow it to boot up completely.
  5. Open your web browser and try to view a web page. If you are successful your Internet service is working properly. If not the problem may be your antivirus and/or firewall. Some antivirus programs include a firewall as part of a “typical” installation and can restrict access to the Internet.
  6. Disable your antivirus and/or firewall and try to view a web page. If you are not successful contact Tech Support. If you are successful your Internet service is working properly, but you need to configure your antivirus and/or firewall (please contact the manufacturer for assistance) to allow outbound access to the Internet.
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