July 19th, 2018 by GSC Customer Care

2018 Wiring Project-2

Granite State Communications has been supplying phone and Internet service to the Washington Town Offices for close to 30 years. The town offices include the Selectmen’s Office, Town Hall, the Town Clerk, etc. The beautiful and historical building housing these offices dates back to 1787, and over the last several years it has been undergoing quite the renovation and restoration effort. GSC technician Matt Kazakis helped to move the existing phone and Internet lines back in 2017 to temporary offices while renovation work continued. After work on the new foundation was complete in the spring of 2018, the town was ready to move back in.

Matt was hired to return to Washington to simply reconnect the lines that had been moved to the temporary trailer. But when Matt arrived, he discovered that the communication lines had been inadvertently and irreparably severed during the construction process. In order to get the town up and running again the entire building would need to be rewired for phone and internet, which included 14 data cables and 12 voice cables.  Although a cable structuring job isn’t typical for our technicians, they are very familiar with projects of this kind. Matt was able to complete the project quickly and efficiently. Matt was able to re-run, organize, and update the cabling in a total of about 20 hours, which isn’t bad for a job of this magnitude. Matt really enjoyed the project and felt that it was a great opportunity: “Re-doing the communication wiring in the building was a blessing in disguise as it allowed us to run the wires in a more efficient way and organize the wiring in the basement.”

This isn’t the first time Matt has been recognized for his efforts. In 2016, fellow employees voted for Matt as “providing superior Customer Service,” earning him the coveted Customer Service Award. He poses here with GSC President Susan Rand King.

Folks at the town offices were happy everything was done so well in such a timely manner. Bookkeeper and Executive Administrator to the Selectman Deb Defosse expressed how pleased everyone was with Matt’s work over the entirety of the project: “Matt is a great asset. He’s helpful, knowledgeable, and respectful.” She said Matt really went above and beyond their expectations to complete this project and get the newly renovated town offices up and running. The town is looking forward to having him come up for future projects.

If you have inside wiring or cabling project keep in mind this is something our technicians can help with. Communication wiring is a crucial part of a building’s design and function. If installed properly using quality materials, your internal cabling should remain serviceable for the life of your building, or until you decide to change due to changes in technologies.