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Thank you for subscribing to GSC TV service, a great new way to access your local channels via your Granite State Communications’ Internet connection.

Please read through our instructions below, or view a printable PDF version.

Should you require any assistance with setup, please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support at 888-896-7824 or

Once you’ve successfully set up your Roku, please give us a call at 529-9931 so that we can adjust your GSC Internet Router settings to ensure that you’re getting the most from your GSC TV service.


GSC TV Installation Instructions

Note: Please be advised that your GSC TV service will only work at your home. If you move your Roku player to another Internet connection outside of your home, your GSC TV service will not work.


 Ethernet (Wired) – Recommended Setup

  • Plug an Ethernet cable into an available port on the back of your Internet modem/router and the other end into your Roku player.
  • Select “Wired” as your network connection in the settings menu on your Roku player.


  • Select “Wireless” as your network connection and select your network from the list of available networks in the settings menu on your Roku player.
  • Enter your wireless network password when prompted. (Note: passwords are case-sensitive)


Setting Up Your Roku Player

Step 1 — Connect to your TV

  • Simply connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the Roku player, and the other end to an available HDMI input on your TV. Be sure to make note of the TV input used.
  • If your TV does NOT have an HDMI connection, you can connect the Roku to your TV by using a Standard Composite cable. Connect the Standard Composite cable by matching the color plugs to the back of your TV and Roku player.

Step 2 — Power up key components

  • Install the batteries on the Roku remote (Note: the front LED lights on the remote will flash indicating it is ready to pair to your Roku player).
  • Power up the Roku player by connecting the provided power adapter to the Roku player and to an available wall outlet.
  • Turn on your TV and select the TV input that you connected your HDMI cable to.
  • Note that during the start-up process, the Roku remote will automatically pair to your Roku player (the front LEDs will stop flashing).

 Step 3 — Connect to your network

  • For best results, connect your Roku player via the Ethernet port (Roku 3 only).
  • For wireless setup, it is important to place your Roku player within range of your wireless network (remember, closer is better). Also don’t place your Roku player in any type of enclosed cabinet as it may interfere with the wireless signal.

Step 4 — Complete Guided Setup

  • During Guided Setup, you’ll be prompted to create a Roku account online. Your Roku player will generate a unique code that links your player to your new account. Roku accounts are free, but require a valid credit card to create your account (this is a Roku policy, and independent of Granite State Communications). Please note, Roku will only charge your credit card if you authorize purchases of paid channels, games or other content from the Roku Channel store. GSC TV charges will appear on your GSC bill and will not be charged through Roku.
  • Get the latest software. Your Roku player will let you know if there is a software update available, and will restart after the update is complete.
  • Now, link your Roku player from any Internet browser. A link code should be displayed on the TV screen after restart. Using an Internet browser, follow the instructions to link your Roku player to a new or an existing Roku account if you already have one.

Step 5 — Add the GSC TV Channel

  • On your computer, go and login to your Roku account.
  • Click on the “Add a Channel” link, and then when prompted for the channel access code/private channel, enter “GSCTV”. Please note you must enter “GSCTV” all as one word in the box on your screen. 
  • Next, click “Add Channel” and at the confirmation screen click “Yes, Add Channel”.
  • Once you add the channel, it should show immediately. If it doesn’t, you can refresh your channels on your Roku home screen by selecting, Settings > System update or Settings > Player info and checking for an update.

Step 6 — Enjoy!

  • To watch your live GSC TV channels, simply select the GSC TV Access channel from your Roku Home screen. (It’s the one with the GSC TV logo.)

GSC TV Channel Functionality

  • Home button – exits the GSCTV app and returns to the Roku menu.
  • Up arrow key – brings up the guide.
  • Once the guide is up, you can hit up again and more guide info will appear – then you can scroll right to see more upcoming shows.
  • Down arrow – removes the guide.
  • Left and Right arrow keys – scroll the guide.
  • OK button – selects the channel.
  • Asterisk – access closed caption (Once activated, use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the menu.)
  • Play/Pause button – pauses the show.
  • Play/Pause button – resumes the show.
  • The specific Roku Device being used will determine the amount of time you can pause and rewind a show. This is due to the memory in the device. For example, a Roku Stick will not have the same memory capability as the Roku Premier Plus. 

Tips for Best Experience

  • Don’t place anything on top of your player; it may cause the player to overheat.
  • Be sure to place your Roku player in a location where the remote is line-of-sight for best results.

Roku Remote Control App

  • There is also a remote control app available for your iPad or iPhone in the App Store, or for your Android device on Google Play.


Technical Support is available at 888-896-7824 or