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Customer Service:

“I called to inquire about Internet service. The customer service reps that I spoke with were Holly and Kim. They were both helpful and wonderful people to deal with. Thank you,”

Lynn W.
Hillsborough, NH

Technical Support & Customer Service:

“I have never had a person NAIL my issue so quickly, easily, and spent every second waiting for me to finish the process!! THANK YOU! I hope you can find the person who helped me and give them an awesome bonus…but in the meantime…thanks for being a great company to work with!”

Laura I.
Chester, NH

Quickstream Internet Service:

“Great job to all those at GSC! Along with a wonderful product, Customer Service Reps are Outstanding! Thank you!”

Lynn A.
Dunbarton, NH

Installing New FiberNet Service:

“The installation was awesome. Even though it was torrential downpours outside, the two technicians took their time and did not rush. They were courteous and friendly. They made sure that the setup and wires were exactly where we wanted them and their work was so neat and thought out. Very good experience. Thank you so much!”

Susan M.
Sandown, NH

Installing New FiberNet Service:

“I have always found GSC to be one of the nicest companies to deal with. This was solidified when I recently had wireless installed at my summer home. The tech by the name of Gerry came out, and he was the nicest, most helpful rep. After the installation, he took my vintage phone and wired it so that I could use it. GSC continues to be one of those companies where quality and customer service has never waned. Thank you for all that you do… you are simply the best!”

Michelle S.
Washington, NH

Installing New FiberNet Service:

“Everyone I worked with during the transition to FiberNet service was great! I’m very satisifed with my new Internet service.”

Sandown, NH

Responding to My Repair Request:

“I called right before 5:00 pm and a tech showed up within 30 minutes of my call. This was an unexpected surprise and I was appreciative of two technicians who helped me by phone and in person.”

Weare, NH

Installing Phone and Internet Services:

“The rep who helped me on the phone was a lot of fun and very helpful. The technicians who installed my service did a great job and answered all my questions as this was all new to me. Now everything is working great.”

Mary P.
Weare, NH

Adding Calling Features:

“I thought I would have to wait 24 hours for the Caller ID to be working, however it was working when I returned home from work the same day I called!”

Chester, NH

Switching to GSC FiberNet:

“I absolutely love my FiberNet service from GSC, and it’s just that much better that I could get away from Comcast and support a local business.”

Ed K.
Chester, NH

Installing Phone and Quickstream Internet Services:

“Granite State was very accommodating and helpful with regard to my need to keep within a budget on this line for my work. The Internet speed works great for my work from home.”

Sandown, NH