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Passwords are one of those necessary evils that everyone wishes would be made much easier to live with. For years, I used just one very simple password that was easy to remember. Over the years, that simple password had to be modified many times to add a capital letter here, a number there, and an exclamation point to boot.

Today, I have a bunch of different, highly complex passwords for different websites that I have to write down and keep in my desk for safekeeping.
However, according to a study by SplashData of more than 5 million passwords leaked on the internet during the course of 2018, quite a few people are still using some very easy to guess (and hack) passwords.
#1 on the list? The venerable 123456.

And, believe it or not, #2 is even easier: password.

According to Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData, obvious passwords such as these are easy pickings for hackers:

“Hackers have great success using celebrity names, terms from pop culture and sports, and simple keyboard patterns to break into accounts online because they know so many people are using those easy-to-remember combinations.”

So, if you want to avoid having someone figure out your password, then you might want to put a little more effort into it.

Here’s SplashData’s list of the top-25 worst passwords of 2018 — is yours on the list?
1. 123456
2. password
3. 123456789
4. 12345678
5. 12345
6. 111111
7. 1234567
8. sunshine
9. qwerty
10. iloveyou
11. princess
12. admin
13. welcome
14. 666666
15. abc123
16. football
17. 123123
18. monkey
19. 654321
20. !@#$%^*
21. charlie
22. aa123456
23. donald
24. password1
25. qwerty123

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