April 16th, 2021 by GSC Customer Care

financial resources

April is Financial Literacy Month, which gives you 30 days to review and upgrade your financial smarts. No matter where you are on your financial journey, there’s always something to improve.

For example, are you running a deficit at the end of each month? Try creating a budget. Is your emergency savings account looking a little slim? Make a plan to put aside some cash each week. Have you wanted to try investing? Now’s a great time to look into it.

To help you along, we’ve collected dozens of resources that can make you smarter and more fiscally fit. Many of them are free, so you won’t go broke trying to get your finances in order. Start by making sure you have the basics down: budgeting, saving, spending, investing, and keeping your money safe. Then, check out all
the fun ways to learn more, like using money-related apps or listening to podcasts featuring financial experts. Finally, try online tools to help you make the best financial decisions at every stage of life.

Given that 77% of Americans say they’re anxious about their financial situation, Financial Literacy Month is a great reminder to take better control of yours. Invest some time now to review these resources and reap rewards in the years ahead in this month’s issue of Website Compass magazine: https://flipyourpages.com/flip_pages/WebsiteCompass/granite-state/4/