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We offer a free enhancement to our email service which provides server-based virus protection plus powerful spam filtering.

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We also offer a variety of Desktop and Mobile Device Protection services. To learn more, click here.

Every day (unless you chose otherwise) you will receive a Spam Digest from Edgewave (Greymail), our spam and virus system. If you notice a message in the Spam Digest that you’d like to review, or is flagged in error, click the “View” link to the left of the message to “View” that message. You can “Release” anything that isn’t spam and disregard the rest. The system will learn from your actions, so as you release mail, it will learn not to block similar items in the future. (If you see an item that you would consider spam, you do not need to do anything. The system will continue to block this message from reaching your inbox and discard the message after fourteen days.)

Private and Secure

This service is private and secure. The junk email and virus protection screening is an automated process. Nobody has access to your email except you. Your email is not censored, and you have control over the filter settings.

Virus protection

We scan all email for viruses before it is delivered to your inbox. If a known computer virus is detected, it will deleted so it cannot reach your inbox. This is an important first line of defense against viruses transmitted via email. We still recommend that you have up-to-date virus protection software on your PC.

Spam filtering

We can also significantly reduce the amount of spam delivered to your inbox. Based on the message content, the system calculates how likely it is that any incoming email is spam, and then quarantines or flags any suspected junk mail based on your specifications. No email filtering service can catch all spam, but GSC can greatly reduce the time that you spend sorting through unwanted email.

You are in control

You can determine how aggressive you want to be when searching for spam. You can even set up your own “friend and enemy” lists to always accept or deny email from individual addresses or entire domains.