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What Is Password Genie?

Password Genie password manager, data protection, and password security software is your digital wallet. As a component of Tech Home, Password Genie is a great complement to SecureIT Plus and FileHopper Plus.

It’s no secret that identity and password theft is on the rise. You need a password manager because keeping track of so many online logins is a pain. Named by Mashable and Information Week as a top 10 password manager, Password Genie keeps your digital identity safe and convenient to access.

Password Genie is part of our NEW Tech Home packages.

It’s also FREE to any GSC Internet customers who rent a GSC Router with GSC Wi-Fi Protection. Email us at to learn more today!

Password Genie Password Genie
For Android
Password Genie
Smart logins Smart logins Smart logins
Advanced custom options Advanced customization Advanced customization
256-bit encryption 256-bit encryption 256-bit encryption
Multiple users/PCs Optimize with images Optimize with images
Automated backup Desktop syncing Desktop syncing
Form fill Form fill Form fill
2 Step verification 2 Step verification 2 Step verification
Password generator Password generator Password generator
Password strength rater Password strength rater Password strength rater
Intuitive alerts Intuitive alerts Intuitive alerts
X X Touch ID capability

Password Genie Frequently Asked Questions:

How safe is Password Genie?

Password Genie uses industry leading 256-bit SSL encryption providing a trusted, safe encryption method. This encryption, combined with your Master Password, makes Password Genie a safer alternative to pen and paper, notebooks, or built-in browser functionality.

What kind of help can I get?

We offer full, 24/7/365 support for all your mobile and desktop needs. Call us at 877-373-3320 anytime to talk to a friendly technician.

What are the system requirements?

The system requirements for Password Genie are as follows.

Android: IOS: Windows (32 & 64-bit): Mac: Browser Support:
Version 4.4+ Version 9+ All 10 Editions
All 8.1 Editions
7 – – Service Pack 1 and above
10.11 El Capitan

10.12 Sierra

10.13 High Sierra

10.14 Mojave

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10, 10 and 12 (32-bit and 64-bit)Mozilla Firefox 28+ (Windows and Mac)

Google Chrome 35+ (Windows and Mac)

Apple Safari 5.0.1+ (Mac only)


Why does Password Genie have a camera now?

Password Genie gives you the ability to take as many pictures as you would like and attach them to any entry. For example, saving your insurance card? No problem — simply take a picture of the front and the back of the card and always have an accompanying image with the saved entry! Please note: this function is only available if your device has a camera.

You’ll Be Able to Enjoy: 

Smart Logins

No complex learning required. Password Genie saves your usernames and passwords and provides auto-fill, auto-submit, and keystroke options.

Advanced Custom Options

Password Genie comes with multiple preference options that will make your experience unique and browsing hassle-free.

Multiple Users / Multiple PCs

Password Genie can be installed on multiple computers with an unlimited number of users. Each user can safely save their own set of usernames and passwords. Saved information is unique per user and cannot be viewed or accessed by other additional users of the computer. Best of all, your saved logins, usernames, passwords, and preferences are synchronized across all your installations so they are available wherever you are.

Automated Backups

Password Genie Desktop version ensures that all of your saved website usernames and passwords are securely backed up and available in case you need to do a reinstall or transfer to a new computer at any time.

Form Fill

Password Genie allows you to save your commonly used web form information and automatically enter it into online web forms. Use this for profile information, contact information, credit card information, and bank information – all stored safely and securely.

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