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What Is SecureIT?

SecureIT anti-virus and internet security protects your computers and mobile devices from the latest online threats. As a component of Tech Home, SecureIT is a great complement to FileHopper Plus and Password Genie. New digital threats appear every day, but with SecureIT, you get industry-leading essential protection, plus the convenience of never needing to update your software.

SecureIT works silently in the background, protecting computers and mobile devices from all manner of threats. If your time is valuable, or you are not a computer security expert, this service is for you.

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SecureIT Plus SecureIT
For Android
Anti-Virus Anti-virus Anti-theft features
Anti-spyware Anti-spyware Web Security
Hands-free updates Anti-theft features Parental Controls
Personal Firewall Web Security Alerts
Online Reporting Parental Controls X
24/7 Technical Support Cloud-based scanning X
Hard Drive Defrag Application Audit X
Parental Controls Virus Alerts X
Guaranteed Protection X X
Virus Alerts X X
Bloatware Removal Tool X X
Behavior based scanning and quarantine X X
Ransomware scanning and removal X X

SecureIT Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the operating system requirements?

The system requirements for SecureIT are as follows. SecureIT Plus Desktop is not currently available for Macs.

Android: IOS: Windows:
Version 6.0+ Version 9+ All 10 Editions
All 8 Editions
All 7 Editions – Service Pack 1 and above

What kind of help can I get?

Your subscription to SecureIT includes 24/7/365 technical support for no additional fee. Call us at 877-373-3320 anytime to talk to a friendly technician. Additionally, if you are using the SecureIT Plus Desktop version, you can open the Management Console and click the Support link at the top right on any screen within the console. There are a variety of online resources and support tools to help answer most of your questions and issues, including an online resource guide plus frequently asked questions and tips. SecureIT Plus users can also receive assistance directly from one of our friendly technicians. To do this, click Instant Message in the left-hand menu.

How do I install SecureIT?

Installing SecureIT on your computer or mobile device is easy. We’ll send you an email with an activation code and step-by-step instructions for how to install your product software on you device(s).

If you are intalling SecureIT Plus for your desktop, we also offer the option of our Fresh Start Professional Installation. With Fresh Start, one of our technical support representatives will remotely perform the installation for you to give you guaranteed protection for your PC. This includes a comprehensive cleanup of your computer, which will return your machine to its maximum speed and performance. If your computer has a virus or other malicious software already on it, the technician will automatically remove the security threat. This is only $34.95, but is valued at over $100 if you were to take your computer to a repair shop, and it guarantees your PC will remain free of Internet derived issues — or we’ll pay to have it fixed.*

*In order to qualify for the guarantee, a user must have incurred the threat on the machine while our SecureIT service was installed. We perform a complete PC cleanup during the professional installation process. Only PCs using the professional installation qualify for the guarantee. GSC reserves the right to deny the guarantee claim if the threat is deemed to be pre-existing or self-inflicted. Maximum remedy is $100 to be paid towards the repair of the end user’s PC. GSC, at its sole discretion, will determine when it is appropriate to engage an outside computer repair entity.

What is SecureIT’s new Bloatware Removal tool?

This new tool allows you to scan for bloatware on your computer and then have it removed. What is bloatware? It can be tough to classify, but it’s basically software whose usefulness is reduced because of the excessive disk space and memory it uses. A lot of new PCs come with it pre-installed. Downloading and installing new applications can add it to your computer unknowingly. Sometimes you may even find some bloatware useful. One thing is for certain though, too much bloatware will slow down your computer.

To help with some of this slow down, SecureIT Plus has developed a new bloatware removal tool. This tool will scan your computer and locate possible bloatware programs. It will then allow you to start removal of these programs directly from SecureIT.

How does the SecureIT Plus guarantee work?

If your PC suffers an infection-related issue while using SecureIT Plus, and we are unable to repair the issue ourselves, we will pay up to $100 to have your PC repaired at a shop local to you. To qualify, the following criteria must be met:

  1. SecureIT Plus must have been installed by a certified SecureIT technician.
  2. The technician must have verified that your PC was free of any infections at the time of installation.
  3. The infection must have occurred while SecureIT Plus was installed.
  4. A certified SecureIT technician must be allowed to attempt to fix the issue. GSC, at its sole discretion, will determine when it is appropriate for you to engage an outside computer repair entity.

GSC reserves the right to deny the guarantee claim if the threat is deemed to be pre-existing or self-inflicted. This guarantee applies ONLY to SecureIT Plus. SecureIT Mobile is covered by its own guarantee terms and conditions.


How does the SecureIT Mobile guarantee work?

If your mobile device suffers an infection-related issue while using SecureIT Mobile, and we are unable to repair the issue ourselves, we will pay up to $100 to have your device repaired at a shop local to you. To qualify, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The issue must be diagnosed and/or confirmed by a SecureIT technician.
  2. SecureIT logs must show that the malware was scanned and not found to be malicious.
  3. SecureIT management must approve the repair prior to the repair work being performed.
  4. Proof of repair work, including paid invoice or work order, must be sent to GSC for reimbursement.

GSC reserves the right to deny the guarantee claim if the threat is deemed to be pre-existing or self-inflicted. This guarantee applies ONLY to SecureIT Mobile. SecureIT Plus is covered by its own guarantee terms and conditions.

Is SecureIT Plus compatible with the anti-virus or firewall I already have?

No. SecureIT Plus for your desktop is a full-featured anti-virus and firewall program and, as such, will conflict with other anti-virus and firewall products. Any previously installed anti-virus and/or firewall products must be uninstalled before SecureIT is installed. Please note this does not include the built-in Windows Firewall (which cannot be uninstalled); this is disabled automatically when SecureIT is installed.

How do I know that I am being protected?

You can open the SecureIT console at any time to check the status of the SecureIT services. If each status is green, then SecureIT is running smoothly.

How can I view the log of SecureIT Plus Desktop activity?

The Reporting tab of the SecureIT console displays all SecureIT activity, including scan reports, firewall logs, and activity related to Parental Controls.

Does SecureIT update automatically?

Yes, one of the great values of this service is that it applies all updates and runs all of its various scans behind the scenes without you having to worry. SecureIT will check for new updates every ten minutes. Typically there are new updates available at least once an hour, so you can rest assured you always have the latest and greatest virus definitions.

Will you (or someone else) have access to my computer if I use SecureIT?

Absolutely not. SecureIT was built with your security and privacy as first priority. All the updates, scanning, and protection happen from your computer and nothing is sent to us outside of the reporting statistics, which are made fully available to you in the Reporting tab of the SecureIT console. The only time we have access to your machine is when you explicitly grant it to us during your use of the Professional Installation or Remote Support request. Even then we require that you put in a one-time use code that allows your computer to connect to our Operation Center, thus granting us permission to assist you.

How do I configure the parental controls?

With our SecureIT Plus desktop you have access to our robust Parental Controls. To set them up, click on Set Up under Parental Controls on the main menu. Once you have gotten to the Parental Controls screen, you will need to setup the Administrator account. To do this, click Change Password; then under New Password, enter your desired password. Once you have setup the Administrator account, you can begin creating additional users. To add a new user, click “Add User.” The “Add User” pop-up will appear; there you will enter in the new user’s name and password.

After the User has been created, you can click on Settings to change the filter categories, enable application blocks, set time controls and manually block certain sites. You can create multiple users and set them each up with their own specific settings. Each child user simply has to login under their profile within SecureIT and all parental controls settings will be applied to that user.



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