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Your super-busy family needs super-fast Internet speeds!

Who wants to wait for files to download or videos to buffer? Not your busy family! Our super-fast network delivers speeds you need, so your home’s Internet can handle simultaneous use by multiple people, devices, and applications.

Paired with our GSC Wi-Fi or GSC Wi-Fi Plus package and you’ll also enjoy better security:

  • Wireless router with protection plan**
  • File backup (up to 250 GB)
  • Total web security for your desktop and mobile devices.

Sign up for new or upgraded Internet paired with GSC Wi-Fi Protection and get the first month FREE!*

Call 603-529-9911 before February 28th!

  * Promotion ends February 28th, 2019. Offer of one month of free Internet service is valid for new customers and current Internet customers eligible for a 12-month contract or renewal agreement. Early termination fees and some restrictions may apply. Free month of GSC WiFi is available to new GSC Wifi customers. Some restrictions apply.

** Router protection includes repair/replacement of any GSC router found to be defective plus free premises visits by a technician in the event of an Internet connection trouble.