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Increase your speeds to match your home’s new needs

This year going back to school might sometimes mean staying at home. Your living room and bedrooms may double as virtual classrooms, with video calls putting more demands on your Internet connection. To accommodate increased school-related usage as well as the rest of your busy family’s Internet activities, switch to GSC Internet or upgrade your GSC current package to a higher speed.

  • New GSC Internet customers get two months FREE*
  • Upgrading customers get two months of a higher speed at your current rate*

Call 603-529-9911 by August 31st to save on new or upgraded Internet!

*Promotion ends August 31, 2020. Offer of two months of free Internet is valid for new customers with a 12-month contract. Customers receive the 1st and 6th months free. Early termination fees and some restrictions apply. Two-month upgrade is valid for current Internet customers. You will automatically be billed for the higher Internet speed at the conclusion of the two month period unless you cancel before the trial ends. Cannot be combined with other Internet promos and some restrictions apply. Customers with grandfathered Internet plans are restricted from returning to original package.