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Kiss Slow Internet GOODBYE!


Sign up for High Speed Internet paired with GSC Wi-Fi and get TWO months FREE!*

You’ll instantly love our faster Internet from the first site you visit. Quicker downloads. Better streaming. More enjoyable online gaming. And so much more.

Pair it with GSC Wi-Fi or GSC Wi-Fi Plus and you’ll also enjoy:

  • Wireless router with protection plan**
  • File backup (up to 250 GB)
  • Total web security for your desktop and mobile devices

Already have GSC Internet? Call us today to try three months of a higher Internet speed at your current rate!*

Call 603-529-9911 before February 29th!

*Promotion ends February 29, 2020. Three-month upgrade is valid for current Internet customers. You will automatically be billed for the higher Internet speed at the conclusion of the three-month period, unless you cancel before the trial ends. Cannot be combined with other Internet promos and some restrictions apply. Offer of two months free valid for new Internet customers with 12-month contract. Customers receive the 1st and 6th months free. Early termination fees and some restrictions apply. Customers with grandfathered internet plans are restricted from returning to original package. Free month of GSC WiFi is available to new GSC Wifi customers.
**Router protection includes repair/replacement of any GSC router found to be defective plus free premises visits by a technician in the event of Internet connection trouble. Basic troubleshooting by phone with our tech support team may be required to determine when a technician needs to be dispatched.