November 13th, 2019 by GSC Customer Care


Some scammers just don’t quit. They find out you’ve been the victim of a previous scam and that you’re eligible to receive money from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Their next move? Try to hit you with another scam!

According to the FTC itself, these criminals target people who lost money to tech support scams and contact them claiming to be from the FTC’s refund department. They may even use the real names of FTC employees. They insist they can help you if you pay them, give them personal information, or allow them access to your computer. Don’t fall for it!

To avoid the scam, always check the Recent FTC Cases Resulting in Refunds webpage to be sure the case is valid. Rather than working with the person who contacts you, use the contact phone number on this list. If you receive a refund check or claim from the FTC, check it against the list. If anyone asks for money, personal information, or access to your computer, don’t grant it. Finally, be sure to report such activity to the actual FTC.

If you’ve already fallen for it, contact the FTC to start a new complaint. Immediately change passwords for your important financial accounts. Carefully monitor your finances and credit to be sure any information you might have given away isn’t being used against you. If you pay a scammer, check with the entity you used to pay them, as they might be able to help you retract the payment.

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