June 24th, 2020 by GSC Customer Care


Now may seem like the perfect time to adopt a pet. You’re at home and have time to take care of them, train them, and give them the love they need. Unfortunately, scammers are well aware of heightened interest in adopting pets and the fact that many physical pet adoption outlets are closed during the pandemic, and they’re taking advantage.

The problem comes when you try to find a pet online. The criminals are setting up their own pet adoption sites and promoting them, so you think you’re visiting a legitimate operation. People who adopt pets through these sites end up with no pet or one that is severely ill. On top of that, the scammers will try to take your money. They may enable you to “adopt” a pet for free but charge you for shipping, containers, insurance, or other phony costs.

The best way to avoid this scam is to wait until your local pet shelters are open again. Trying to adopt a pet online is just too risky. Additionally:

  • Never pay to adopt a pet you haven’t seen in the physical world.
  • Never send money for pets to someone overseas.
  • Be very wary of free pet offers online.
  • If you want to adopt a pet of a specific breed, work with a reputable breeder or rescue organization such as the American Humane Society.

Don’t let your wish for a new furry friend distract you from the threat of fraudsters!