May 10th, 2021 by GSC Customer Care

smaller social media

Where to connect with fellow foodies, bookworms, travelers, and more.

Does the term “social media” make you uneasy? Maybe you’ve had enough of aggressive algorithms, humble brags, and fear of missing out (FOMO). If that’s the case, but you still want to be part of an online community, consider one of the many niche social media sites.


  • Nextdoor ( – Connect with neighbors about things that matter most, such as safety, lost pets, community get-togethers, and the best local service providers.
  • Classmates ( – Find former classmates, view your yearbooks, share photos, set up reunions, and sign the guestbook for your school.
  • Meetup ( – Much of the activity promoted within Meetup takes place offline, but it’s a great place to find people with common interests.

Facebook Alternatives

  • WT Social ( – Created by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, WT Social is the “non-toxic social network” that doesn’t sell your data or base what you see on algorithms.
  • Meetup ( – Much of the activity promoted within Meetup takes place offline, but it’s a great place to find people with common interests.
  • Yubo ( – Another networking platform that seeks to compete with Facebook, Yubo strives to create a safe environment for everyone online.
  • Minds ( – This site resolves many of the issues people have with Facebook by paying you for your content and keeping your data safe with encryption technology.

Food and Drink

  • Untappd ( – Beer drinkers unite! Here, you can review venues you visit, rate their beers, post photos of beer, and see what beers your friends are drinking.
  • All Recipes ( – You may have used this site to find great food to cook. But did you know it’s also a social media site where you can share and review recipes and even add your own?
  • Bakespace ( – This site is also for recipe sharing but it focuses on baking. You can create your own individual, family, or group cookbook.


  • Twitch ( – Gamers take advantage of this live-streaming platform to stream their games. You can do that or watch others to learn new tips and tricks and interact with other viewers.
  • Caffeine ( – Similar to Twitch, Caffeine enables users to either broadcast or view games. You can also interact with other viewers and financially support your favorite streamers.
  • Discord ( – While not for gamers only, this site allows you to exchange instant messages to discuss strategies with teammates.


  • Goodreads ( – This is a great place to keep track of books you’ve read, find new ones to explore, and see what your friends are reading.
  • Amikumu ( – This app helps you identify people near you who are learning or speaking certain languages. Use it to set up language learning or practice groups.
  • Flickr ( – Flickr is a photo-sharing site where you can post your images or discover the artwork of fellow users. Connect with others to form special interest groups.


  • Letterboxd ( – A great place for movie junkies, this site allows you to track films you’ve watched, save those you want to see, and tell your friends what you like.
  • Flixter ( – Another site focused on film, Flixter enables movie enthusiasts to connect and share reviews and viewing experiences. (You can also use it to book movie theater tickets.)
  • Filmaffinity ( – Here you can rate movies you’ve watched and get film recommendations based on your favorite genres.


  • 8tracks ( – Music fans can use this site to listen to internet radio, and create, share, and stream playlists of eight tracks each. Use for free or pay for additional features.
  • SoundCloud ( – Musicians can take advantage of this site to share their music with fans and grow an audience. Listeners can bookmark tracks, follow artists, and build playlists.
  • ( – Listen to your favorite music and find new tunes by tracking the most
    popular tracks and artists on the platform.