May 8th, 2017 by GSC Customer Care


We had a great time this Saturday at the Wason Pond Pounder in Chester. This is our 6th year as a platinum sponsor of this event. We’re always happy to help with the Pounder as 100% of the proceeds go back to the surrounding communities. Our team, the Granite State Mudders, ran the 5k and tackled the obstacles with ease. Awesome job team!

The Granite State Mudders getting ready to start the race! From left to right: Kate, Sean, Sonya, Mike, and Rick. GO TEAM!

Kate and Sonya pose with our marketing photog, Marianne.



Mike, Sonya, and Rick tackle the cargo net.

Now it’s Kate and Sean’s turn.





Is the water cold, Sean?!




Last leg of the race. Our team came in just under 50 minutes—right in the middle of the 11am wave. Great job, everyone!