If your home phone service is provided with our state-of-the-art fiber optic network, GSC provides you with an eight-hour battery backup unit at no charge upon initial installation of fiber voice service.

In the event of a power outage, the battery backup helps avoid potential disruption service until electricity can be restored by your electric provider. The batteries are rechargeable and have an estimated useful life of 3 to 5 years. Once the complimentary battery reaches its end of life, you can either opt to replace the battery at the rates outlined below OR alternatively you can now opt to participate in our NEW Battery Protection Service plan.

Optional Battery Replacement charges:

8-hour battery replacement $21.00
8-hour battery and Charger $64.00
Service Call Fee $55.00
Labor Rate $27.50/15 minutes

GSC batteries will maintain your service for approximately 8 hours during commercial power outages. If you would like additional coverage, you can purchase additional batteries at the rates below:

20-hour battery and Charger $150.00
Additional 10-hour battery $50.00
Service Call Fee $55.00
Labor Rate $27.50/15 minutes

New Battery Protection Service Plan Now Available

For customers looking peace of mind and protection from the possible expense of battery replacement as outlined above, we also now offer a cost-saving alternative through our new Battery Backup Protection Plan. Fiber optic customers with an 8-hour battery backup unit or who have purchased a 20+-hour backup unit may subscribe to the Battery Service Plan to receive full replacement of battery and/or charger at any time due to performance failure at the following rates:

8-hour battery $3.95/month
20+hour battery $5.95/month
Full replacement of battery and/or charger at any time due to performance failure1

1 2-year contract required. $50 early termination fee may apply. Monthly rate covers a single battery and charger. GSC will not replace batteries due to normal battery depletion during commercial power outages. Batteries will recharge automatically once commercial power is restored or with the use of a generator.