Customers are at the heart of what we do. Check out for yourself what GSC customers are saying!

Fast, Easy, and the Internet Works Great!

Brian L. , Hillsborough, NH

Customer Care was very professional and answered all my questions. The technician performing the install did a great job. The whole process was fast, easy, and the Internet works great!

Quick Turnaround for Service Requests

Deanna M., Weare, NH

The quick turnaround time for service requests is the best!

Best Customer Service

Janet C. , Washington, NH

Each and every time I have to communicate with Customer Service it has been hands down the best experience!

Fast Internet

Amy D., Chester, NH

After two years with another provider, we are just thrilled with our fast internet!

Outstanding Install & Customer Service

Aaron W., Washington, NH

Our install was completed yesterday and they did an outstanding job.  Throughout the install they were wonderful to have on-site. Even when it was dark and windy near the end, they went around to double check that everything was sealed up and water-tight before heading out.  On the office side, while I am a new customer the few times I have called to speak with someone the Customer Service has been outstanding there as well.  This is a welcome change from my last provider.

Fiber is the Fastest

Greg L., Sandown, NH

I love my service, both the Internet and the customer service. My fiber Internet plan is lower than what I had with Comcast and yet the connection is much faster! It’s also refreshing to call the office and always get to speak to people who are friendly and helpful.

Reliable Neighbors

, Hillsborough, NH

I like that they are a hometown company. They are my neighbors and actually care about me. Very good customer service. The best!

Reliability, Speed, & Customer Support

Jen R., Bow, NH

I like the reliability and speed of my service and the great customer support.

Professional, Knowledgeable, & Thorough

Jeff W., Sandown, NH

I’d like to share how impressed I was with the install process.  The technician arrived and walked me through how he planned to install the service and where.  After explaining the process and getting my feedback, he set right to work and within a couple of hours had everything installed and buttoned up.  He was professional, knowledgeable and thorough with his work.  Kudos for a job well done and for being a pro!

Fast Internet & Real People Providing Customer Support

Kim W. , Weare, NH

The service is much better than Comcast! My favorite is calling the office and getting a person instead of a computer. Great Job!

Exceptional Customer Support

John A., Weare, NH

“…Your sales and customer service teams are staffed by exceptional people.  They are always positive and helpful to the max!  Granite State Communications is a shining example of how customers should be treated.”

Love my FiberNet Service

Ed K., Chester, NH

“I absolutely love my FiberNet service from GSC, and it’s just that much better that I could get away from Comcast and support a local business.”

Superior Service

Caroline M., Sandown, NH

“Our phone and internet are working now (as long as we have our generator running). Thank you for providing superior service! Electricity and cable TV are still out, but now I can at least watch local news (casted from my computer to my TV via my AppleTV box).”

Valued Customer

Leon Z., Antrim, NH

“The customer reps for Granite State are great. They provide a small town feel to you. They make you feel valued as a customer, not just another subscriber.”