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GOCare Account Alerts Coming Soon!

Posted in: GSC News on August 5, 2021

We’re excited to soon offer our customers a new service option for mobile account alerts with GOCare. Beginning August 10, our customers will be able to receive monthly alerts when statements are available, view account information like balance, due date, payment confirmation, and also receive updates for events such as outage notifications or appointment reminders.   If you have a more

2021 Open House & Customer Appreciation Day

Posted in: GSC News on August 3, 2021

SAVE THE DATE! Our Open House & Customer Appreciation Day will be taking place on Saturday, October 2 from 11:00am – 2:00pm at our Chester Operations facility (Route 102, 8 Derry Road in Chester, NH). We’re so excited to once again be hosting this event! Enjoy a day filled with entertainment, food, pumpkin decorating, balloon twisting, giveaways, raffles, and more! Cookout will st more

Should You Use Cellular Data or Wi-Fi?

Posted in: GSC News on July 28, 2021

Your phone has two ways it can access the internet—via cellular data or via Wi-Fi. So what’s the difference? And when should you use one or the other? Cellular Data vs. Wi-Fi Cellular data is offered by your mobile carrier and covers large geographic areas. Your phone is connected to nearby cell towers to send and receive internet data. This gives you internet access almost wherever you more

3 Special Forms of Identity Theft

Posted in: GSC News on July 23, 2021

As if identity theft in general wasn’t bad enough, watch out for these special forms of this crime: 1) Tax identity theft – Using your Social Security number to file a duplicate return to get a refund. 2) Child identity theft – Using your child’s personal information to open accounts in their name. 3) Medical identity theft – Using your information to get medical services, presc more

Gee Whiz! What Do All the G’s Mean?

Posted in: GSC News on July 21, 2021

Confused about the G’s used when talking about communications technology? Let’s clear things up. The G in 5G, as it relates to mobile technology, means “generation.” GB, with a capital B, means Gigabytes – a measurement of data storage capacity. Gbps, with a lowercase b, means Gigabits per second – a measurement of internet speed. Now if there’s a quiz, you’ll get an A on G’s. more

Explore Virtual & Augmented Reality

Posted in: GSC News on July 16, 2021

Learn, play, and create with these emerging technologies! Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been on the scene for some time. But 2021 may just be the breakthrough year when they become mainstream. VR is familiar from movies like Ready Player One in which people enter and interact in entirely built worlds. AR is a blend of realities, as with the game Pokémon Go, in which virt more

Our office will be closed on July 5th

Posted in: GSC News on July 2, 2021

We hope your Independence Day weekend is full of fun, family, and fireworks! As a reminder, our office will be closed in observance of the holiday on Monday, July 5.   If you need assistance, you can reach our Service Center at 603-529-9931. For 24/7 Internet support, please contact our technical support line at 1-888-896-7824. more