What is FileHopper?

FileHopper online backup is the easiest way to store your files. And as a component of Tech Home, this service is a great complement to SecureIT Plus and Password Genie.

It only takes one incident to see the value of FileHopper; one hard drive crash, one fire, one accidental deletion, one device damaged or stolen – and all of your valuable files and precious memories could be gone. FileHopper for desktop and mobile devices backs up files with 256 bit encryption so know you are safe.

FileHopper is part of our NEW Tech Home packages. Learn more today!

FileHopper Plus FileHopper for Android FileHopper for IOS
50GB or 250GB Cloud Storage Multiple storage amounts Multiple storage amounts
Easy file backup Easy backup of SMS, contacts, call history Easy backup of contacts
256-bit encryption Upload photos and videos Upload photos and videos
Multiple computer access 256-bit encryption 256-bit encryption
Remote file access Desktop sync Desktop sync
FileHopper online folder FileHopper online folder FileHopper online folder
Backup reporting Alerts Touch ID capability
Alerts X Alerts