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What Is FileHopper?

FileHopper online backup is the easiest way to store your files. And as a component of Tech Home, this service is a great complement to SecureIT Plus and Password Genie.

It only takes one incident to see the value of FileHopper; one hard drive crash, one fire, one accidental deletion, one device damaged or stolen — and all of your valuable files and precious memories could be gone. FileHopper for desktop & mobile devices backs up files with 256 bit encryption so know you are safe.

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FileHopper Plus FileHopper
For Android
50GB or 250GB Cloud Storage Multiple storage amounts Multiple storage amounts
Easy file backup Easy backup of SMS, contacts, call history Easy backup of contacts
256-bit encryption Upload photos and videos Upload photos and videos
Multiple computer access 256-bit encryption 256-bit encryption
Remote file access Desktop sync Desktop sync
FileHopper online folder FileHopper online folder FileHopper online folder
Backup reporting Alerts Touch ID capability
Alerts X Alerts

FileHopper Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of help can I get?

We offer full, 24/7/365 support for all your mobile and desktop needs. Call us at 877-373-3320 anytime to talk to a friendly technician.

How long will desktop computer backups take?

The very first backup after installation will take the longest and can run from a few minutes to 48 hours based on the amount of data you plan to backup and the speed of your Internet connection.

On an average computer and Internet connection, FileHopper Plus will backup 10-15 GB per 24-hour period.

Once the initial backup is completed, daily backups typically run in less than 15 minutes and, in most cases, you won’t even notice it.

FileHopper Plus performs differential backups, which means that it only backs up portions of your files that have changed since the last time they were backed up. This saves lots of time, bandwidth, and storage space.

How long are my deleted files kept?

Your deleted files are kept for 30 days after your most recent backup. Each backup represents a full copy of your data as it existed on the date it was backed up. At any time you can delete these retained files, freeing up additional storage space.

What are the system requirements for FileHopper?

The system requirements for FileHopper are as follows.

Android: IOS: Windows (32 & 64-bit): Mac: Browser Support:
Version 4.1+ Version 7+ All 10 Editions
All 8 Editions
All 7 Editions
All Vista Editions
Mac OS 10.9 +
(Intel Only)
Internet Explorer 6 +
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 +
Google Chrome 6.0 +
Apple Safari 5.1 +

FileHopper Plus:

System Memory: 128MB of RAM
Available Hard Drive Space: 200MB

FileHopper Android & IOS Resource Requirements:

10MB Free Storage Space
64MB Available RAM
WIFI or 3G Internet connection

How much storage do I need?

Everyone’s storage needs are different, but to give you an idea, 50GB is equivalent to about 10,000 songs or about 16,000 photos (assuming 5mb file size per song and 3mb per photo).

How secure is FileHopper?

Your data is secured using proven, government-standard 256-bit SSL encryption. This is the same level of protection used by banks and financial institutions around the world.

Will FileHopper Plus backup my computer’s entire disk drive?

FileHopper Plus was made to backup your most important files (music, e-mail, contacts, photos, financials, etc.), but not your system and application files, which are easy to restore via your original CDs. Backing up application and system files and attempting to restore them from FileHopper Plus is not recommended or supported.