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GSC Email Accounts & Webmail

As a GSC Internet customer you get up to 5 free email accounts with your service. You can use those email accounts with ANY email program you prefer (ex. Outlook, Outlook Express).

You can ALSO easily access your email from any computer that has an Internet connection and Web browser with our FREE webmail service. We offer our own custom version of Zimbra Mail that’s fully supported by our 24/7 tech support team.

Many of our customers use the webmail interface to check email when they are away from home, but it’s also great for everyday use. 

Best of all, it’s FREE with every GSC email account. 

Video Tutorials of the Zimbra Inbox, Calendars and more.

GSC Webmail includes:

  • Spam filtering to filter out spam before it is delivered to you.
  • 24-hour customer support: our Tech Support Help Desk is ready to respond to your questions.
  • Search: Use search box rather than sort through folders.
  • Related messages are grouped together: Messages sent are grouped with responses; messages remain in context.
  • Labels and folders: Labels do the same work as folders, but with more flexibility; Apply multiple labels to a single conversation.
  • Storage: 15GB allows you to keep all of your important messages, including attachments.
  • Mobile: Access email anywhere on supported devices.


How To Access Webmail:

 Internet Access Customers:
  • Go to the myGSC section of our website. Enter your full myGSC.com or gsinet.net email address and password to login.* Click the ‘Check Your E-Mail’ link to view your mail.
  • OR go to webmail.mygsc.com (if your email ends in @mygsc.com) or  webmail.gsinet.net (if your email ends in @gsinet.net). Enter your GSC email address and password to login.
Web Hosting Customers:
  • To access Webmail when you’re away from home go to http://mail.mydomain (i.e. http://mail.ABCSportsGear.com).
  • Click on the Webmail ‘IMP’ link
  • Enter your username (your mailbox AND domain name – for example: mailboxname@mydomain.com) and password to login and view your mail.
* To access webmail and other tools through the myGSC customer portal – if you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to take a few minutes to register a portal account.
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