• How to access online help for zimbra webmail

    To access webmail: Have you had time to check out your Zimbra inbox in our webmail platform? Click the “check email” link located at the top […]

  • Tips to Protect Against Phishing Schemes

    Internet threats take many forms. Recently we have seen an increase in phishing schemes; e-mails asking you to confirm personal information about your GSC account.

  • Spam email filtering

    We’ve put together a guide on how our Spam email filtering works.  Most filtering of unsolicited automated email (also known as spam or junk mail) is […]

  • How to change your email password

    Email password changes can be made online or by calling Tech Support at 888-896-7824. To change your password online, go to the “myGSC Account” section of […]

  • Add additonal email accounts

    Each GSC Internet Account includes up to 5 email accounts with up to 15GB of storage per mailbox. If you want to add an email account […]

  • Email server settings

    If you are configuring a new device for email, or setting up your email account on a computer using an email client (such as Outlook, Apple […]