• How to Reboot Your Battery Backup Unit

    Below are step-by-step instructions for rebooting a battery backup unit. We hope this is helpful in getting your service restored as quickly as possible. Unplug the […]

  • What is the voice mail access number?

    If accessing your voice mail from a phone that is subscribed to voice mail service, dial *97. If accessing your voice mail from a phone that […]

  • Calling Features User Instructions

      Call Blocking Features Per-Call BlockingTo prevent your telephone number from being displayed to the person receiving your call, press *67, then dial the number you’re […]

  • What is long distance calling?

    Long distance calling is any call placed to a location outside your local and regional calling area. This includes in-state, state-to-state, and international calls. For more […]

  • Voice Mail User Guide

    Managing/Setting Up Voice Mail Accessing Your Mailbox: From the phone subscribed to the service dial *97. Or, if you are calling from a different phone, dial […]

  • Local Calling Guidelines

    Your local calling area is the geographic area that you may call without incurring a toll charge: It includes all calls to numbers with the same […]

  • What Is My Local Calling Area?

    Here is a list of the local calling areas shown by GSC telephone exchange:

  • Services for Individuals with Disabilities

    If a disability prevents you from dialing Local or Regional (intraLATA) telephone calls yourself, you may be exempt from the added cost of having an Operator […]

  • LifeLine Assistance

    This benefit program helps lower the cost of residential phone or internet service up to $9.25 per month.