• How can I sign up for mobile account alerts (GOCare)?

    Granite State Communications can send you important account alerts via text message. You’ll have immediate access to information such as outage updates, service appointments, or current […]

  • How to Reboot Your Battery Backup Unit

    Below are step-by-step instructions for rebooting a battery backup unit. We hope this is helpful in getting your service restored as quickly as possible. Unplug the […]

  • How Does GSC Respond to a Major Storm?

    Whenever foul weather is headed our way, restoration crews are ready and standing by to respond quickly if a weather-related outage does occur. We will provide […]

  • Internet Speed Test

    Check your internet speed, quality, and performance with the GSC Internet speed test tool.

  • Tips to Manage Your Home or Office WiFi

    We can help you optimize Your Wi-Fi for Faster Speeds. Here are some tips to help you maximize router performance and enjoy the Internet speed you ordered.

  • Rebooting Your Router – it really does help. Seriously.

    Occasionally your modem or router may lose its ability to communicate with our high speed Internet network. Rebooting your router will often reestablish the connection.

  • Netflix Settings

    Steaming services like Netflix will eat up whatever bandwidth is available to bring you the best quality video possible. If you’re experiencing Internet issues while streaming, you may want to try going into the app’s data usage settings and adjusting them as necessary.

  • Troubleshooting Your Phone Line

    If you have no dial tone on your phone line, the trouble could either be caused by an issue in the outside equipment, an issue with the inside wiring, or an issue with a piece of equipment such as a cordless phone.