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The general Internet settings below will assist you in setting up your email software. For portable devices such as cell phones or iPads, we suggest using the IMAP settings over the POP settings.
If your email address ends in @gsinet.net If your email address ends in @mygsc.com
POP3 Incoming Server: pop.gsinet.net pop.mygsc.com
SMTP/ IMAP* Outgoing Server:
(requires authentication)
smtp.gsinet.net smtp.mygsc.com
IMAP* Incoming Server:
(uses port 143)
 imap.gsinet.net  imap.mygsc.com
Username: username@gsinet.net username@mygsc.com
Password: If you have lost your password please Call Support.

* Some portable devices may require alternate IMAP server settings. Those devices can use:

IMAP Incoming Server: imap.googlemail.com ssl/tsl authentication, port 993

IMAP Outgoing Server: smtp.googlemail.com ssl/tsl authentication, port 465

IF YOU UTILIZE AN EMAIL PROGRAM such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail/Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Eudora, or Apple Mail, here are instructions for enabling SMTP authentication. This is a more secure way to handle email and will only take you a few minutes to enable. click here.

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