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If you have a new home or your home has not had telephone service before, you may need to connect the telephone wiring inside your home to the network interface device (NID). This may also be referred to as a “junction box”. The NID is the point where your telephone line connects to Granite State Communication’s network. It is usually located where the telephone line comes into the house, near the electrical wiring or electric meter. It is normally found outside the house (see diagram) but may be inside. The person who installed your inside wiring should complete this for you, but this step is often missed. Before your telephone equipment will work you must complete the following instructions or set up an appointment for us to do the work for you.

Step 1 – Connecting the wiring to the NID

  1. Locate the Network Interface Device (NID) and open the lid. (figure 2)
  2. Disconnect the plug from the test jack.
  3. Remove two inches of jacket from the station wire. (figure 1)
  4. Strip back ½ inch of insulation from each of the colored wires.
  5. Connect each wire to the color-coded terminals (red to red, green to green, etc.) and tighten all screws. (Note: Wires may be a different color. Check your jack to see how wires are connected and repeat that same pattern at the NID.)
  6. Insert plug back into the test jack.
  7. If your telephone line is connected properly, but you have no service, follow the instructions in step 2.

Step 2 – Line is connected but still no service

  1. Test another phone to determine that the problem is not with your telephone set.
  2. Locate the Network Interface Device (NID) and open the lid. (figure 2)
  3. Remove the plug from the test jack and plug in a working phone.
  4. If you hear a dial tone and can make a call, the trouble is with your inside wiring or with one of your phones. If you do not hear a dial tone or cannot make a call, the trouble may be with Granite State Communications’ facilities and you should contact the Service Center at 529-9931 or 1-800-559-9939.
  5. Replace test plug into the test jack.
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